Robot of the Week: Wall-E

Leave it to the masterminds at Disney/Pixar to come up with a lovable robot who happens to be covered in rust and dirt. Oh, and he's a garbage man. In recent years, very few robots have ever captured the hearts of the world the way Wall-E has.

It should probably be noted that Wall-E was influenced in many ways by a plethora of robots that came before him. The head apparatus, with his stereo vision, took strong cues from Johnny 5, and this design has popped up in a cool webcam design by Minoru 3D (thanks for the link, Will). Wall-E's tracks are pure construction and military grade. And his torso was lifted largely from your average household bots. Oh, and did I mention an eerie similarity with a certain Google Lunar X PRIZE rover?

Nick Skytland - who suggested Wall-E for Robot of the Week - also noted that he loved the EVA scene. Those of us space nerds instantly know the inside joke here, but for those not yet accustomed: EVA stands for Extra Vehicular Activity, and also happens to be the name of Wall-E's love interest in the film. Here's the clip, which I also think deserves credit for some of the best music on film this past year.

Cariann said...

While I too liked this scene... as with most of Wall-E... I hate to have to tell you that the love interest's name is actually EVE. Not EVA. Although that would have been hysterical!

So close... yet so far...


mike fabio said...

I stand corrected. Every time Wall-E says her name it sounded like EVA. I'm sure there's some kind of Pixar inside joke there.

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