What On Earth Have I Been Doing? Google Mashups FTW

A few days ago this crazy idea came across my radar: build a database of sightings of "astronomical events" (ISS flyovers, Moon photos, videos of shuttle launches, whatever) and geotag them for display in Google Earth. I tinkered with some big ideas: white label social nets, heavy content management systems, custom coded stuff... Then it dawned on me: Google Spreadsheets!

I've done some KML building using Google Spreadsheets in the past, and there are some clever tricks that allow Google Spreadsheets to be used as a slick little database and web form system. Mashups are awesome!

My hope is to launch this as a public feature soon, but it needs some work still. In the meantime, check out the video to see how it functions.

Unknown said...

Where is the music in this video from? Its really awesome.

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