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Hello, world. This is my inaugural post to The Launch Pad, and I'll tell you why that's significant. I have a longstanding and rich tradition of not blogging. Mostly because I had erroneously believed that blog was short for a Boring LOG of esoteric topics ranging widely from unfair parents to celebrity fashion disasters, usually fatally riddled with typos and lolspeak. Add to that the fact that I barely have time to attend to basic homeostatic needs, like sleeping, and that I lack any sort of patience necessary to weed through someone's James Joyce-like stream of consciousness. You want me to blog? That's great. I'll need a full time research staff, a ghost writer, and probably an army of clones to do all the other things I should be doing whilst blogging. When our X PRIZE Foundation friends decided to launch "The Launch Pad" I cheered loudly, and then suggested they get started writing without me: " go on ahead....I'll catch up." That's mildly ironic for a number of reasons: 1) I work at Google. 2) I work at Google managing the Google Lunar X PRIZE. 3) I am zealously supportive of anything that raises awareness for this competition and space exploration in general. 4) Google products, like Blogger, are made of awesome.

So, I decided to drink my own kool-aid and jump in. And as it turns out, this is a lot of fun. Mostly because I can now wax poetic about life, the universe, and everything related to space exploration on my very own virtual soapbox. Why didn't somebody tell me about this earlier?

It boils down to this: blogs like The Launch Pad are an easy way to stay connected, and give us some insight into the human interest stories behind this competition. It takes all of us: Google, the X PRIZE Foundation, our fantastic competitors, space enthusiasts, and the public at large to make this competition meaningful. We're in it for the long haul, so we might as well get to know each other. Let's go around the room. I'll go first: I'm Tiffany Montague, Google Lunar X PRIZE program manager at Google, former Air Force officer, flight test engineer, Steve McQueen fan, polyglot, juggler extraordinaire, intergalactic federation king almighty, and commander of the universe. My business card says so. Okay, so we're all caught up on me. Now your turn. How are you feeling about this competition? Who's excited? Who's going to win? What's the best part? And seriously, all joking aside, do you know where I can get an army of clones made?

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