Robot of the Week: FIRST

I couldn't wait until Wednesday to share the Robot of the Week: every contestant in the FIRST Robotics competitions. Will and I spent this past weekend meeting with kids from all over the world who had come to Atlanta to pit their robots against the best of the best in a battle to traverse a simulated lunar surface with simulated 1/6th gravity, all the while picking up and depositing "moon rocks."

The level of enthusiasm, dedication, and ingenuity I saw on display at this event was astounding. Had I participated in a program like FIRST when I was in high school, I have no doubt my own robotics research would have taken a very different path. Everyone we met was just so excited to be getting their hands dirty!

I'd like to personally congratulate every single team competing in FIRST events this year - from the FIRST Lego League (and Junior!) all the way up to the FIRST Robotics Competitions. You all are an inspiration, and proof that STEM education is alive and well in the US and the world.

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