Yuri's Night with SEDS at the University Of Michigan

Last night, it was Yuri's Night at the University of Michigan! With the screening of the documentary "Orphans of Apollo" and a talk on the Google Lunar X PRIZE (some may say with a zest of French accent :p), it was all about opening space for all mankind!!

With over 120 students and other people from outside showing up, it turned out to be a great event! The university let us make use of a superb amphitheatre and reception facilities, and it was very nice. Several student organizations were displaying their activities, and I was quite impressed by what they came up with: some of them had some hardware to show off, they all had some nice posters, etc.
And not only space students (although they were in large majority!) but also some students from different backgrounds, interested in entrepreneurship and/or in space. I'm positive we'll see some of them joining NewSpace activities in the coming years.

Expectedly, Michael Potter's documentary received an unconditional success! Fortunately for me, it made the audience even more eager to hear about what the space entrepreneurs are up to right now - and therefore made it easy to turn my talk on the the Google Lunar X PRIZE into a communicative, passion-sharing presentation. I was very pleased to get some interesting questions, that eventually lead to great conversations around some good food later on in the night!

It was thrilling to see all those students excited about space entrepreneurs opening the ultimate space frontier - and willing to join them in their incredible adventure!

Without further ados, some pictures of the night:

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