Astronaut Mike Massimino Answers Your Questions From Orbit

Yesterday I had the privelege of passing several questions - sent by the Google Lunar X PRIZE community on Twitter and Facebook - to astronaut Mike Massimino as he orbits the Earth. I can't confirm it, but it looks to me that this is the first ever Q&A from space ever conducted via social media. We had many many questions asked, but ultimately we narrowed it down to the following:

Q: Have you actually seen any space junk going by? (sent by John Mijac via Twitter)

A: not anything big, but there are small particles (mainly ice – especially early in the mission) that you can see from the payload bay

Q: What do you think Hubble might discover next now that you have given it an upgrade? (sent by Sawyer R. via Twitter)

A: Who knows? That’s why we have hubble, for hubble to tell us. But – I would love to have it find a planet somewhere with some hint of an atmosphere that could support life as we know it.

Q: Besides fixing Hubble, what has been the most fun thing you've done onboard the Shuttle? (sent by Peter Diamandis)

A: Looking at the window, listening to my ipod, watching the world and universe go by.

Q: It was once said a poet should be sent to space. A Haiku would fit on twitter, let's hear one @Astro_Mike! (sent by Google Lunar X PRIZE Omega Envoy team member Jason Dunn via Twitter)

A: I will try, but I’ll need some time to think

I'll stay tuned to Mike's tweets from space as his mission winds down to see if that haiku comes through. Thank you to everyone who participated!

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