Friday Funday #FFD Free Association Image Game (Space Dominos)

A clever little idea today from Paolo Amoroso: post an image, then free-associate the name and do another image search. Here's how it works....

1. Go to Google Image Search (my preferred image search engine, you can use your favorite).

2. Search for something. I chose the word "Hubble." Post the first image.
01 hubble.jpg

3. Search for a term related to the first search. In this case, "nebula." Post the first image.
02 nebula.jpg

Repeat ad infinitum. In this case the term was "horsehead."
03 horsehead.jpg

I'm sure you can see how this can get very weird very fast.

The img tag doesn't work in the comments, so just post a link to the image.

Have at it!

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