Friday Funday: Voyager Gold Record Remix pt. 2 #FFD

A perennial favorite of the Friday Funday crowd is this little activity I like to call the Voyager Gold Record Remix (in fact, it was the very first Friday Funday activity we ever did). In 1977, Carl Sagan and some friends designed a gold-plated phonograph record containing a selection of sights and sounds from Earth, to be sent along with the Voyager 1 and 2 spacecrafts as they extended beyond the reaches of our solar system. The project is known as the Voyager Gold Record, and if you dig around you may even find some digital copies of it. The NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory has an excellent display of the record replica as well as the images encoded on it.

The Remix works like this: above you'll see a little widget with a couple of tracks on it that I've chosen as being representative of the sounds of Earth..... and you add to it. Leave your suggestions in the comments and throughout the day I will add them to the widget above. Remember, any tracks purchased through this widget will benefit the education and outreach programs of the Google Lunar X PRIZE!

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