Guest Blog: New Clear Physics

Everything starts with a dot
A particle, a period, a spot

A dot seems to have no dimension
Yet everything is packed in its creation
Width, volume, area, length
To certain degrees power and strength
Dot can be atom, molecule, or mole
To form compounds to become whole
Compounds will produce mass
Did you really think this'd be an easy class?
(Think again...)

With mass, you can measure the speed of light
Ever wonder what makes light so bright?
Brightness is caused by photons
Which have been there for eons
Physical particles are the game’s name
Try finding them in sparks or a flame
Dew point, flash point, boiling point
Help in measurement and to pinpoint

Now, let’s not get so technical
Let’s try to keep things practical

Back to the drawing board and the dot:
It has more than what most think it’s got
I’m telling you it’s hot, hot, hot
Trying not to make you weary,
I will present a simple theory:

A dot is powerful because,
It could with no pause,
Add to complete a straight line
From your dot all the way to mine…

………… dot, dot, dot!
Are you with me or not?

With this piece you get the point
Pass viewpoints on not dis’a’point.

nedaansarighopeh.jpgAbout the author: Neda Ansari Ghopeh has been a former R&D Manager, in real estate, a writer, and a children’s science instructor with academic background in chemical engineering and chemistry. She is married with two gifted girls.

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