I Am Easily Bribed

As I stated in my sticker giveaway, I can be easily bribed. Hopefully this means that you send me some cool stuff you've created, like the stuff below. But if you feel like sending me a whole box of Moonpies, I certainly won't argue :)

I'll be updating this page with the great stuff sent in by fans, so be sure to check back.

From Melissa Holtz, former Google intern:

5-year-old artist Clara Buchner sent in this beautiful rover drawing! I love it (it's hanging in my office now):
Rover art from Clara Buchner.jpg

A collection of excellent NASA swag from Jennifer Scheer down in Merritt Island. Check out that cool space shuttle coin!

Christine Pires sent in these cool stickers, including one from our preferred partner SETI Institute:

Button from FIRST Robotics team 2493 Robokong!

J Lisle sent me a Disney Mission SPACE pin, a LifeNet Georgia pin, and a sweet LED lightup pen.

A collection of bookmarks courtesy of the Space Telescope Science Institute, which I will certainly need for all those sci-fi books I picked up recently.

Freeze dried ice cream sandwich! Mmmm, this space cadet is happy. The little astronaut man is my own addition. This was sent by Bronwyn Hawkins.

If you don't have a bunch of cool space stuff lying around, you can always get clever. That's exactly what Geoffrey did. He sent me this TPS Report. I should also note how cool it is that he used "The Moon" as the return address on his SASE.
TPS Report.jpg

Brady (a.k.a. @burninggoats) didn't have any space stuff either, and he claimed that a moose wouldn't fit in an envelope (psshhh, whatever). So he sent me this Hockey Canada patch. Nice.

James, a.k.a. @eronarn) dug up this vintage 1964 Viewmaster reel called "Man on the Moon," a hypothetical look at the Apollo missions. I'd scan the booklet, but its copyrighted (let me tell you, the cool factor is extremely high). And he threw in a couple patches for the Principality of Zeon, just for good measure.
(Click here to really get up close on this image)

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