White Label Space: Lunar Advertising: A Friday Funday Photoshop Party #FFD

Today we welcome our 18th team to the Google Lunar X PRIZE, White Label Space. This multinational team brings a unique business model to the competition: raising money through lunar advertising. As they state on their website,

White Label Space is an upcoming brandless Moon 2.0 space technology start-up consisting of international space professionals. Join us on our journey as we prepare to join the Google Lunar X PRIZE. Our Mission is to provide brandless space missions to anyone that has a viable business plan, taking the principles of Web 2.0 marketing & monetisation to the next level.

Help us celebrate the entry of this team into the competition by photoshopping some lunar advertising. Put your company logo on a rover, or on the surface of the Moon, or wherever. Be tasteful, be creative, have fun. Leave your images in the comments, and I'll aggregate them throughout the day.

From @amoroso, a little shoutout to our title sponsor:

From Big Willy:

From Gonz037:

And this one (I chose the lunar version over the Mars version):

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