Friday Funday #FFD: Vent into Space

You know the feeling: it's been a long long week, you're stressed about the impending doom of that project you've been procrastinating on, you got rear-ended by some jerk on the way into the office, and your morning coffee was bitter and gross. You just want to vent a little, and wrap up that message in a bottle and send it right off into outer space.

Now you can.

Use the form below to vent, and we will indeed send it along into outer space (maybe not today, but as soon as one of the Google Lunar X PRIZE teams launches). Everything is anonymous and will be edited - please no profanity, racist remarks, etc. This is a family show. I will edit liberally if needs be.

ENTRY NOW CLOSED! Thanks so much for participating.

Submitted "messages in a bottle":
It's just one of those days.

GAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! Blackboard is driving me NUTS!

I miss you so much, and I can't wait for the day when we will finally spend the rest of our lives together. But for now, the distance makes our love burn that much brighter, so that I can still feel the warmth of your heart. This hardship will pass. We will be together, someday ... perhaps even on the Moon. I love you.

A day of travel from NYC--- LGA=flight canx; shuffle over to JFK=flight canx; back to LGA, different carrier=flight rebooked on original carrier and shuffle back to JFK; Flight @JFK is delayed=will miss connection and sleep on bench @ ORD--O'Hare; drink Bloody Marys @ JFK bar. Fly ORD=drink more Bloody Marys since you're going to miss that big presentation on Friday; Oh Joy! Gate agent sees black covered passport; holds airplane, boots dude off airplane, and sends you first class to your destination=arrive @destination w/no energy/too many Bloody Marys to prepare presentation that there is now time for. Telecon with Berlin @ 0300 local. Work completed=Presentation time. Fridays rock!

When did they decide that it is no longer needed to glue the bag inside your cereal box to the bottom? Why? Did the dollop of glue just cost too darn much? Now every morning, I go to pour my cap n' crunch WITH crunch berries and the whole bag inside slides on out! Where do I sign a petition so that they will start gluing the bags in again?!!?

Dear software developer, please don't ask me to refer to changelog.txt if that file does not exist in the package you have for download. Digging through hundreds of lines of Javascript to find a single changed line is not my favorite activity. Thanks!

I can't reach for the stars, but I can at least grab some coffee

One more ID10T problem today and I'm out of here! GRRRRRRRR!

J- You taught me a lot, and I'm sorry that I hurt you so badly that you have never made eye contact with me since.
J- I forgave you for your controlling ways and then you had the guts to tell me you "finally" forgave me for all the grief I gave you?? Have a good life.
C- I really did love you. I'm sorry it didn't work out.
B- Amazing. Thank you.
E- Also amazing. Thank you.
B- The best ever. How can you ever forgive me?
V- I'm sorry we lost touch and now we will never know each other.
M- I'm sorry I hated you for so long. I take it all back. They were my short comings, not yours.
H- How dare you? I tried to bleach my brain and still your memory remains.
B- Thank you for loving me when I thought I didn't deserve it.
J- I had the crush on you and you had the crush on him. Ha!
A- I appreciate you not freaking out, but I wasn't kidding.
A- I forgive you for being wrong, but even when you see I am right, I still don't want to be friends.
R- It was fun. But I'll never tell you that.
J- Thank you for not giving up on me.
B- My soulmate.
S- You're right. It's not me... it is you.
R- You got off easy. Karma will still catch up to you.
E- I don't know, but I don't trust you.
K- Sometimes older does mean wiser.
R- Thank you for finding me, although I'm sure we have nothing in common anymore.
C- I didn't mean it. But you were good about it.
A- Don't take it too hard... I didn't.
J- I would have. You missed it.
K- I think I may always miss you.

I am sick of people running into my car every time I get it fixed again! Develop some depth perception already, it's not that hard to avoid running into stuff. I had ZERO accidents until I bought a new car for the first time, and now I guess my new car is so cool, people can't help but ram into it. I'll tell you what, if you ware going to behave as if it is a bug zapper and you are a bug, maybe I should install some awesomely mid-evil Captian Nemo bug zapper stuff on my car to teach you all a lesson for being such bad drivers. There, I feel better.

Can users please stop emailing me with "urgent" questions that are answered with information plainly posted on our web site? It's called Control-F. Why do you all think there is some kind of hidden agenda or something? RELAX. We are an extremely small project team, and we can't help you if we get burried with questions we have already answered. I am on your side, but you keep trying to drive me crazy, I won't be anymore.

I have eight bosses...That's my only real motivation is not to be hassled...

I have so many ideas, and so little time. The days are a lot longer on the moon, right?

To my earthbound colleagues, who know who they are 1. There is nothing wired to the handset on your telephone that will deliver a fatal electric shot if you answer it. 2. The best way to make a phone stop ringing, in a way that not only does not jeopardize your employment status but may actually enhance it, is to answer it.

I trained hundreds of contractors, improved our business immensely, and then you laid me off two weeks before Christmas while keeping the contractors. You are indeed a class act.

There is too much hatred, self focus, rudeness, and prejudice here on Earth. Let us shed as much of that as mere moral humans can as we learn how to explore the moon and stars.

You are amazing and I am so lucky to have you. I just wist you were here with me now. This year will go so slowly without you.

So upset with people who adopt pets and the pitch them, feed them to dogs or toss them out of moving cars.

Serenity now. Serenity now.

I wish that I didn't have to deal with cranky customers every work day!

Why can't all mobile phone chargers be the same? Had to shell out for a new one. Bought from a 'reputable' dealer on a certain borg shopping website I will not mention by name. Stupid "genuine samsung charger" turns out not to be so genuine after all. It's too small for the slot. I'm telling you, CONSTANT beeping "I'm connected" "I'm not connected" "I'm connected" "I'm not connected" "I'm connected" "I'm not conne ...

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