The Question of the Day

To paraphrase one of my favorite artists of all time: y'all will have read that Mike F is soon to be no longer with us, but Nicky, Rovey, and I would like to carry on the good work that's always gone down at 5510 Lincoln.

We're sad to see Mike go, obviously, although we'll be happy that he'll be returning to his first love, the music world.

But as we make the most of Mike's remaining time at X PRIZE, and as we ready ourselves for the daunting task of trying to fill his over-sized shoes, I did want to ask one key question. I'm sure Mike didn't take his decision lightly, but perhaps this is one question even he neglected to ask:

Warner Brothers haz Moon Program?

PS - Regarding the Moon Pie Challenge: Bring it on. I'm eager to hash things out once and for all! Vegas oddsmakers will go crazy trying to assess odds. Cariann, Ben, Blair, and James--ball is in your court. Let's make this happen!

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