The Search for the Next @glxp

I announced last week that I'll be leaving the Google Lunar X PRIZE, and while I certainly will not disappear from the community, we now need to begin the process of finding a rockstar community manager to take my place. What better place to ask first than within our little group of space friends?

We don't currently have a job opening, as the description isn't quite complete yet, but I'm putting this out there to get the search started. Could you be the next @glxp? Here are a few qualities I think are important for this job:

  • A vast - bordering on unhealthy - love for space, science, and general nerdery.

  • Compulsive and effortless use of a variety of social media technologies, including blogging, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. - you've been posting videos on YouTube since you were in diapers. You're always abreast of what's new in the online media space. You think Twitter jumped the shark ages ago. The bleeding edge is slightly too well done for your taste.

  • Swiss Army Knife abilities. You wear a lot of hats (with style).

  • Patience, Grasshopper: trolls, flamers, and skeptics are a natural part of any community, but dealing with them properly and effectively qualifies you as a saint.

  • Similarly, you love to field legitimate requests: conversation is the name of the game.

  • A zealous and evangelical belief that incentive prizes are an effective and efficient method for solving the world's grand challenges.

  • There is no I in community.

  • Propensity for eating round marshmallow sandwiches with great speed not required, but a definite plus.

If you think you've got what it takes, drop a note in the comments, or hit us with an @ reply on Twitter (either to @glxp or @pomerantz or @nickyjor). As we all know, good help is hard to find.

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