Congratulations, SpaceX

SpaceX, the rocket company started by X PRIZE Foundation Trustee Elon Musk, just completed the second successful launch of their Falcon 1 rocket, carrying RazakSat, a Malaysian Earth Observing satellite, into orbit. The launch was the second consecutive success for SpaceX, and their first launch to successfully deliver a paying customer's satellite into orbit. SpaceX is the first purely commercial rocket company to achieve successful orbital flight (although other companies, particularly Orbital Sciences, deserve credit for making largely commercial efforts based on pre-existing governmental designs and components), and is doing so at cost that is just a small percentage of their government backed domestic counterparts.

As you all may recall, SpaceX is a Preferred Partner for the Google Lunar X PRIZE, having offered to provide a 10% discount for any team that uses a SpaceX rocket in an attempt to claim the prize. This success bodes well for the large number of teams that are strongly considering SpaceX as a launch provider. We also have two Google Lunar X PRIZE teams (Advaeros and Independence-X) based in Malaysia, so tonight's success and the forthcoming results from the satellite, Malaysia's second, should positively impact their ability to garner support and attention within their own country.

Kudos to Elon and all of our friends in at SpaceX! Next up: Falcon 9!

Update: Clark Lindsay at HobbySpace passes along a link to a YouTube video that captures the launch.

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