Friday Funday #FFD: Street or Sweet

Update: Awesome submissions from everyone today - a great #FFD as always! This #FFD is now closed (we won't be altering the post anymore), so stay tuned for next Friday :)

What's some of the best space-related street or sweet (culinary) art you've come across? Post a link and share what you've seen in the comments or by @-replying us on Twitter (@glxp). We'll embed the photos into this post as the day goes on.

If you've yet to see some great space street or culinary art - have a search around Google Images or Flickr and show us what you find! From space invaders to Darth Vader, we're sure there's great stuff out there we've yet to see.

We'll start you off with a couple of our favorites:

Alien Spaceship Crashing Into Palo Alto Building

Alien Cupcakes

Courtesy of our own @Pomerantz, a space-themed mural at the Culver City DMV

Passed along via @ad_astra2, here's a sad little NASA cake.

From @geosteph, a vintage lunchbox. It's part of a nice space display that can be found at the San Francisco Airport!

Also from @geosteph, an Earth- and Space-art themed ceiling fan. As @mactavish points out, it must be from the Pre-Copernican Era! ; )

Courtesy of @LouisS, a video of a nice mural created for the International Year of Astronomy (back story here)

Chris Radcliffe posts a found photo of found street art. We're still looking for the original authors of either--please pass them along if you know them, so we can provide credit where credit is due!

From @FlorianBoyd (via @TaviGreiner), a photo of a space themed mural that's on the side of many, may U-Haul vans. Tavi writes "I was really impressed with U-Haul's Iowa Meteor graphic, recently spotted by @FlorianBoyd. And it's not just a picture. The graphic includes an equation detailing the ejacta trajectory! Go UHaul!"

From @skysketcher, childrens' mural of walking on the Moon.

From @aggieastronaut, an entire gallery of awesome cakes she has made including this astronaut one!

@QuarkSpin pointed us to the Mars Phoenix mural!

@KeithCowing took a photo of a painting of weightless monkeys!

@Pomerantz goes for two with some space graffiti!

@absolutspacegrl submitted Peeps in Space!

@tim846 shows us some incredibly impressive "shuttle butter" from his wedding reception in 2005.

Another great space cake I (@arielwaldman) found!

Great space street art on Hollywood Freeway found by @matt808 using Google Maps Street View! Some additional photos of it follow below:

@SDspace submitted chocolate Daleks!

@aggieastronaut hooks us up with some MoonPies to fill the void!

@keithcowing links us to shuttle station crews autographing the station.

@revrev (we miss you!) took a photo of a MoonPie over Hollywood.

Chris Radcliff remembered the starry cupcakes at his friend's wedding.

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