Taking A Piece of Apollo Back to the Moon

Lending themselves to lunar exploration once more, eleven of the surviving Apollo astronauts have bestowed their names to a plaque that will be carried to the surface of the Moon by each Google Lunar X PRIZE spacecraft. The plaque, whose exact format is TBD at this time, will read:

“We Apollo Astronauts congratulate the winner of the Google Lunar X PRIZE. May this place, placed on the surface of the Moon by this intrepid craft and its team, serve as a welcoming beacon to future generations of lunar explorers. This spacecraft returns in the spirit of our journeys of the 20th Century – in peace and with hope for all humankind.”

• Col R. Walter Cunningham, USMCR, (Ret.), Apollo 7
• CAPT James A. Lovell, Jr., USN (Ret.), Apollo 8, Apollo 13
• BrigGen James A. McDivitt, USAF, Ret., Apollo 9
• Russell L. Schweickart, Apollo 9
• CAPT Eugene A. Cernan, USN (Ret.), Apollo 10, Apollo 17
• Dr. Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11
• CAPT Alan L. Bean, USN (Ret.), Apollo 12
• CAPT Edgar D. Mitchell, USN (Ret.), Apollo 14
• LtCol Alfred M. Worden, USAF, Ret., Apollo 15
• BrigGen Charles M. Duke, Jr., USAF, Ret., Apollo 16
• Hon. Harrison H. Schmitt, Ph.D., Apollo 17

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