Cosmos in the Crosshairs

Penelope Umbrico, a well-accomplished artist in New York, researched the "most photographed subject" in Flickr and found sunsets to be one of the most pervasive. Her artwork above, 79 Moons From Flickr - 51 Visible, is a product of her research project around internet culture continually looking up to the Moon and Sun.

"I think it's peculiar that the sun — the quintessential life-giver, constant in our lives, symbol of enlightenment, spirituality, eternity, all things unreachable and ephemeral, omnipotent provider of optimism and vitamin D... and so ubiquitously photographed — is now subsumed to the internet — the most virtual of spaces equally infinite but within a closed digital circuit." - Penelope Umbrico

This week there is yet another reason to look up to the sky: the Perseid meteor shower is said to peak on August 12!

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