Friday Funday #FFD: High Orbit Couture

Update: High Orbit Couture achieved! This #FFD is now closed (we won't be altering the post anymore), so stay tuned for next Friday :)

Leading from one tangent to the next, we are going from cakes to couples to couture! This week's Friday Funday asks you to submit photos of space-influenced fashion. From space outfits in movies to rocket-packs on the runway, leave us a comment below or @glxp us on Twitter before 5pm PT and we'll add it here!

Starting off with a silly one from 1965 (via @arielwaldman):

The Fifth Element (via @spaceguy)

Sputnik helmet from Yuri's Night 2007 - photo by Scott Beale (via @chris_radcliff)

Lunar explorer dresses as imagined in the 1929 movie "Frau im Mond" (Woman in the Moon) by Fritz Lang (via @amoroso):

More from the 1960's (via @quarkspin)

One giant leap for space fashion: MIT team designs sleek, skintight spacesuit (via @snibble):

A whole article on how space inspires fashion (via @absolutspacegrl):

Fabio Sau models a prototype of a Mars spacesuit & Radio Flyer wagon! (via @pomerantz):

Kid-inspired entry to Apollo 40th postcards (via @egvick):

Britney Spears (via @ryinspace):

Space-inspired shirts designed by @k_lau (via @tim846):

Space invaders sweater (via @snibble):

Space pajamas (via @snibble):

Space fashion from 2001: A Space Odyssey (via @arielwaldman):

Nice sleeves from the TV show Space 1999 (via @timoni):

Star Wars-inspired fashion (via @arielwaldman):

Asronaut-inspired collection from Dolce&Gabbana (via @timoni)

Of course, Barbarella! (via @disrupsean):

David Bowie in The Man Who Fell To Earth (via @disrupsean):

Louis Vuitton space-themed ads by @ogilvypr, a WPP company (via @pomerantz):

Flash Gordon's Ming (via @disrupsean):

Princess Leia-inspired fashion, including Princess Vespa in Space Balls (via @pomerantz):

Picking up the slack pointed out by @pomerantz: Tron Guy (via @snibble):

Titan A.E. (via @marscryovolc):

Lost in Space family Robinson (via @quarkspin):

Woody Allen from Sleeper (via @revrev):

Klingon wedding (via @keithcowing):

Photo of post Apollo 17 photo of Gene Cernan hugging Guenter Wendt at a VAB reception (via @amoroso with a "Whoa. That Hair. That HAIR." via @timoni):

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