Friday Funday #FFD: Space Couples

Update: Adorable submissions of space love, everyone! This #FFD is now closed (we won't be altering the post anymore), so stay tuned for next Friday :)

Welcome back to Friday Funday! Last week, a few of our fellow space geeks chimed in via Twitter asking for a "Space Couples" theme - influenced by photos of the "shuttle butter" and "star cupcakes" taken at weddings.

So, this #FFD asks you to search the internet and/or your personal archives for photos or news articles of Space Couples and Space Weddings. From couples at Star Trek conventions to Moon-rock wedding rings, leave us a comment on this post or @@glxp us on Twitter with your submissions by 5pm PT!

To make this a little more challenge, let's all step up our game a little bit: normal photos of couples who happen to work in the space industry won't make the cut unless there's something space-related in the photo!

Of course, we'll get you kick-started with the couple who got married in Zero G:

@k_lau sends us to, a site dedicated to documenting, you guessed it, a space couple (@gtwhitesides + @lorettahidalgo) in love. @chris_radcliff adds that this couple will be honeymooning in space and gives us a photo of them with Richard Branson:

@flyingjenny shows us a photo of her and @apacheman

Have to admit, when making this blog post, I was reminded of this next entry.
@nlsi/@iamjem points us to @spacesooner and @stubek's wedding site that has an amazing photo of their lunar wedding ring:

@chandra_pearl sends us a photo of her and her significant other's flying machine in progress:

@nlsi tells us that this photo inspired a "certain someone's" wedding dress:

Our own @pomerantz sends us a photo of him and @starwalking at EAA AirVenture (aka Oshkosh) last year just after they saw the Rocket Racer fly:

@quarkspin sends us a photo of Ekaterina Dmitriev and Yuri Malenchenko:

How could we forget the Jetsons? @quarkspin couldn't!

Paolo Amoroso gives us a couple great submissions:

Charlie Duke family portrait left on the Moon:

Gene Cernan with his wife, daughter and a friend:

@quarkspin goes for triple with this photo of Ben and Cariann:

@nextgiantleap team leader Mike Joyce sends us a photo of him and his wife:

@chandra_pearl sends us another one with Carl and Ana Dietrich of Terrafugia:

@chandra_pearl sends yet another our way of a couple kissing in Zero G:

@JenniKissinger send in this picture of her and her boyfriend outside of SpaceX's main facility, taken just after a NASA Academy Alumni tour for double space cred.

@keithcowing shows us astronaut Scott Parazynski posing with family photos on the summit of Mt. Everest:

@murphian shares a photo of him and his significant other at he Eve/SS2 unveiling party in NYC:

@krynsky takes us back to his childhood:

@tim846 shows us photos of him and Jen floating in Zero G and at Scaled hangar after X-0 flight in 2004:

@chris_radcliff sends in Moon and Mars meteorite wedding rings from the same couple who had the star cupcakes in last week's #FFD post:

@cachestarhouse sends us the wax mold of hands holding a star sapphire used to make her wedding ring:

@nearvanna gets a submission in with 1 minute to spare! Allen & Vanna's explorer astronaut planetary wedding cake @yurisnight reception:

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