Friday Pun Day! #FFD (#FPD?)

How many of you remember popsicle stick jokes? I admittedly keep a box of pun popsicles in my freezer for the times when I want a cool treat and a good laugh. For those unfamiliar, they usually go something like this:

As I was enjoying one of these treats the other day, I started wondering, what great moon jokes and puns are out there? So let's hear what you guys have got, and remember, the cheesier the moon jokes (*nudge nudge* get it?), the better!

Here are a couple of jokes to get the list started:

Q: What holds up the moon in the sky?
A: Moonbeams!

Q: Did you know that the governor of California (Arnold Schwarzenegger) made a movie about the light and dark sides of the moon?
A: Yeah, it's called, "The Terminator"!

Here are some of the great, knee-slapping submissions via Twitter:

Q: How did so many @glxp teams perfectly reach their target on the Moon?
A: It was Artemis ("hard to miss").....
(via @DerekShannon)

Q: Why did the white, flaky fish win the @glxp?
A: It was a Lunokhod....
(via @DerekShannon)

Q: How does a man on the Moon get his hair cut?
A: Eclipse it.
(via @QuarkSpin)

The follow-up to @glxp is down to a pastry-eating contest or a near Earth asteroid rendezvous. They want to pay homage to Pioneer.... (via @DerekShannon)

Q: Why can you not have a pub on the Moon?
A: No atmosphere :-)
(via @skysketcher)

Q: How can you tell when the Moon is going broke?
A: When you can see that it's down to its last quarter.
(via @Quarkspin)

One @glxp team kept losing its internet connection while roving the Apollo 14 site. They really needed a LAN shepherd. (via @DerekShannon)

Another @glxp contender just charged the cost for its airbag landing at the Apollo 16 site, but Descartes bounced! (via @DerekShannon)

Buzz was impressed by the @glxp team that won the frigid-lunar-night-survival bonus. He thought they had "Magnificent Insulation..." (@DerekShannon was on fire today!)

Q:How does one astronaut tell another astronaut that he is sorry?
A:He Apollo-gises! (via @danzi94)

Q: What kind of drink can you get on the Russian side of the ISS?
A: A COSMOpolitan!
(via @zizabeph)

Q: What do they serve in Lunar Bars?
A: Moonshine, of course!
(via @TaviGreiner)

Q: What are they gonna make first on the moon???
A: ................A space Bar!
(via @RolandTaams)

Q: What kind of bugs live on the moon?
A: luna-ticks
(via @RevAaron)

Q: What do you get when you divide the moon's circumference by it's diameter?
A: Moon pi!

So there you have it -- a collection of nuggets that you can use in the future to be the life of the party!

.... Thank you Ladies and Germs, you've been a great Friday Fun (Pun) Day audience!

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