I've spent the last few days scouring the internet for lunar imagery for various purposes (like our new Twitter background, etc.). The fragmented nature of finding *good* lunar images can definitely be frustrating. Until I can start adding tags or pushing a little "favorite" button next to everything I come across anywhere online (and no, Delicious doesn't cut it for me for tagging visuals) or until NASA works out a deal with Flickr to store the majority of their photos there (cough-please-do-this-NASA-it-will-make-space-more-easily-discoverable-online-cough), I'm left with a lack of great lunar photography to pull from.

One nice resource for various forms of lunar imagery is the Lunar Images & Maps page by the Lunar & Planetary Institute. Most of the items listed on it are fairly paired down directories of Moon images - nothing slick, but they're good at not overwhelming the user with tons of images to search through.

I also appreciate the effort of the Internet Archive supporting - but the UI still needs some tooling, as I never feel successful in finding what I'm searching for (again, Flickr's UI is absolutely great for easy discovery of images IMHO).

So, I turn it to you, what resources do you know of online that provide either an easily searchable interface or collect only the "best" lunar imagery out there?

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