Naming Contests

There are only a few days left to enter into team Omega Envoy's rover naming contest (PDF of the rules. By submitting a simple YouTube video, you can come up with the name for the robot that this student-lead team is hoping to send to the Moon--a prototype of which has already gone to the Arctic!

If you are not familiar with Omega Envoy's contest, here's a quick video introduction:

Although I certainly hope I don't win the contest, I did want to use it to promote one of my favorite books of all time, and to highlight the fact that digital copies of the book at conveniently available free of charge thanks to our friends at Google, among others. Here's my take--and I'll warn you, I'm not very good with iMovie yet!

Omega Envoy isn't the only team that is running a contest at the moment. Team Synergy Moon also recently announced a "Rovers on the Moon" essay contest:

I know that many of our other teams have talked about doing contests and activities like these, not to mention cool contests like this fantastic opportunity being offered by an Odyssey Moon customer. We'll be sure to promote them here, but be sure to read up on the team's blogs over at the Google Lunar X PRIZE homepage.

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