NGLLC and GLXP Updates, New N-Prize team, Rhysling SF Poetry, More

Here are a few updates on some Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge teams:

New Sponsor: Specialty Hose! - Team Phoenicia

Rocket parts and fruit - Unreasonable Rocket

Armadillo does NG-LLC Level II rehearsal - RLV News

SCIENTISTS GO SUBORBITAL - COSMIC LOG - Masten Space Systems and Armadillo Aerospace are mentioned in the article.

This set is on, or relevant to, the Google Lunar X PRIZE:

@SoldTheMoon (David Gump) - Indications are the Augustine panel will include NASA support for private-sector robotic exploration on the Moon as a cost-cutting option.

University of Dayton Advanced Rocket Team on TV - LunaTrex on the Google Lunar X PRIZE Teams page

GLXP Team “Part Time Scientists” Talk to The Space Fellowship - The Space Fellowship

Intro to our Robot - Moon Diggers - This is on a Regolith Excavation Challenge team, but they're affiliated with or part of Google Lunar X PRIZE team Astrobotic.

Now we get to everything else!

N-Prize - The Valkyrie Federation: It's official - we are the first Canadian team who enters the N-Prize!

@ValkyrieFed - Twitter Bio: The Valkyrie Federation is a canadian (Quebec) entreprise, which has the goal of space exploration, and the lastest team on the N-Prize!

@ISPCS (International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight) - New confirmed speaker: Tim Pickens, Chief Executive Officer, Orion Propulsion

@GoZeroG - Congratulations Jessica Pestka! Winner of the ZERO-G Vault quiz for this week

Rhysling Award Winners Update - Science Fiction Awards Watch

NASA Top Stars Contest for Educators – Earn Recognition and Prizes for Lessons Using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope - Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium

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