Please Welcome: Amanda Stiles

One month ago, we bid a fond farewell to Mike Fabio, the original Online Community and Google Liaison for the Google Lunar X PRIZE--who, you'll recall, thanked us for all the Moonpies on his way out. Mike was a great friend and co-worker, and really pioneered this kind of position within the X PRIZE Foundation and, to a great extent, within the space community. As we noted when he left, he was leaving behind big shoes to fill.

We didn't waste any time, and started soliciting job applications before Mike even left. You all were kind enough to help us crowd source the job interview process. We heard from a lot of really wonderful people--it was incredible to see the enthusaism and talent of those of you who considered joining our team. To ease the transition, we brought digital anthropologist Ariel Waldman in to help out for a bit, allowing us to thoroughly vet the excellent group of candidates we had for the position.

Today, I'm proud to announce that we've hired our new Online Community and Google Liaison, the person who will take lead in managing this blog, our Twitter account, our Facebook page, our YouTube Channel, Flight Plan (our Tumblr blog), our Picasa account, and all of the cool, fun side projects we do, like Friday Fun Days, the Google Lunar X PRIZE Tour of the Moon in Google Earth and so on. She will also help all of our teams to better use our platforms and Google's tools to better carry information to you, the interested public.

I'll allow her to introduce herself in more detail, but for now, it is my great pleasure to welcome Amanda Stiles to our team! She's likely familiar to many of you already as a former NASA employee, an ISU alum, @alias_amanda on Twitter, or a team member at one of our sister organizations, the Conrad Awards. Some of you may even remember her as one of the superstar volunteers on the now-defunct SpaceAlumni website.

We're incredibly excited to have Amanda on board. She'll start full time on September 1, but she's already begun transitioning in to her position here. I hope she'll follow this up with a post of her own in the near future.

Mike, Nicky, Ariel, and I have long understood that we at the X PRIZE Foundation are blessed with some of the best friends and fans any organization could ever hope for. I'm confident Amanda will soon see the same thing, and I ask you to please join me in wishing her a warm welcome!

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