Prize Roundup: Human Space Flight Plans, Snagged Elevator, T-Rex for PAXP, NASA Clickworkers, Chibots Robomagellan, MoonBot team, ARCA Plans, more

The "Review of U.S. Human Space Flight Plans Committee is conducting

an independent review of ongoing U.S. human space flight plans and programs, as well as alternatives

Here is an excerpt from the slides from the Cocoa Beach, FL public meeting held on July 30:

Many tools available: straight purchase, Space Act agreements, COTS-like cost-sharing agreements, fixed-price contracts where NASA pays but contractor takes risk, prizes to get "out of the box" technologies, etc.

"Snagged again" - The Space Elevator Blog

2009 Space Elevator Conference - August 13-16, Microsoft Conference Center, Redmond, Washington. I'm not sure if any teams will be ready for the event, but here's what the conference says about it:

Tether Strength Competition - this year's conference will host the Elevator:2010 Challenge Tether Strength Competition. Tether competition team members get free admission to the conference the day of the competition (Friday, August 14th).

@ARCAspace - @mihaifanache Seriously. If not in September, then in October. Fingers crossed. Then we're aiming for the Moon in Google Lunar X Prize :)
We started our first countdown: 6 days till enlists you for the ride of your life! English version soon!

@Pomerantz -Just noticed that #NGLLC team Masten and #GLXP @TeamFREDNET had dinner together last night. Cool cross-fertilization!

Not only that, but

@teamfrednet - Fred and Wade had dinner with @dmasten last night. Rumors say it included karaoke!

Masten Space gets permit for untethered flights at Mojave - RLV News

NASA/Armadillo paper on LO2 / LCH4 engine tests - RLV News

@PeterDiamandis - success again on Rocket Racing test flights. multiple mid-air relights today. hats off to Armadillo team!

Vicki L. Sato, PhD, and David Meeker, M.D., Join Prize4Life’s Board of Directors (PDF) - Prize4Life press release

Do you want to win $30 million from Google? - BlueToothKiwi - Blog of a LEGO MINDSTORMS MCP - This is on some work by a new MoonBots team. The video from their initial prototype shows they already have the water discovery bonus prize well in hand!

Robomagellan - Chibots:

It is official, Chibots will be holding our Robomagellan contest on August 15th 2009. Set-up will be at 10:30 A.M. with the contest srtarting at 1:30 P.M. The contest will be held at Moraine Valley Community College.

Clickworkers - NASA Needs Your Help! - Perspectives on Innovation (Innocentive)
Also see HiRISE Clickworkers - Spacehack

The Progressive Automotive X PRIZE twitter had quite a few tweats recently, including:

progautoxp - This one comes with video (vroom). OptaMotive's Electric T-Rex wants a bite of the X-Prize

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