Friday Fun Day #FFD - The #MoonpiesFor4000 Showdown

Happy Friday everyone!

Update (11:00AM Pacific Time/18:00 UTC):

The talented Mr. Pomerantz has emerged victorious! Thanks to everyone that tuned in to our Ustream channel, we ended up with 50+ people watching us rapidly consume strawberry moonpies and Cokes. I've now managed to stop clutching my stomach and post the video of the event (~12 min, competition starts at ~6 min), so here is the instant replay video for your viewing pleasure:

Our official timekeeper, James Moore (@Quarkspin) informs me that the official time was 3:39 for Will and 3:41 for me. We also have several parties interested in joining us remotely for the next round of Moonpie competitions (including the infamous Mike Fabio). Send me a message via Twitter (@glxp) or leave a note here if you'd like to join the fun next time -- and take down the reigning champ! I'll even send some moonpies to those that agree to compete. Don't worry, I won't send the strawberry ones!

(8:00AM Pacific Time/15:00 UTC)

It's been another exciting and busy week here at X PRIZE.

The Space 2009 conference was taking place all week just up the road from X PRIZE, in Pasadena, and our own Will Pomerantz sat on a panel at the conference for young professionals called "Inside Aerospace". As the stars aligned, Will's panel started at exactly the same time that Masten Space Systems began their first attempt for the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge Level I remaining prize purse. If you missed the news updates over the past couple of days, Masten had a great flight but acquired some engine damage on their Xombie vehicle, so they are postponing their next flight until Oct. 7-8.

Well, I don't know about you all, but I think a most appropriate ending to such a dynamic week is most certainly.... A MOONPIE EATING COMPETITION!

Back by popular demand, we decided to host another Moonpie competition a couple of weeks ago as a reward for everyone that helped us gain 150 followers within a week to break 4,000 followers on the GLXP Twitter feed (#MoonpiesFor4000). Through RTs and blog posts, our great GLXP community made it happen! So today we are making good on our promise and scarfing down some Moonpies live via webcast. (That is a sentence I never thought that I would write).

For those unfamiliar, a Moonpie eating contest looks something like this:

Except in GLXP's case, the guinea pigs are Will and Amanda and the celery sticks are replaced with wholesome chocolately Moonpies ("the official Cybersnack of the 21st century"). You can catch all the action today at 10am Pacific Time (17:00 UTC) on our GLXP Ustream channel: We'll start broadcasting around 9:45am for anyone that wants to drop in and say "hi" or vote for a winner prior to the competition.

Note: Ustream has changed some of the rules recently. You can still watch video, but if you would like to chat with us (we'd like to talk to you!) then you'll now need to login to Ustream. On the bright side, you can then follow GLXP on Ustream and find out when we're broadcasting new content!

Tune in and find out who will emerge victorious, and who will spend the rest of the day with an upset stomach (both of us, I'm guessing). Thanks for being such great fans! We'll see you at 10am, Moonpies in hand...

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