Friday Fun Day #FFD - Who's your Favorite Space Speaker?

Hooray for Friday!

Hope everyone has had a great week. This week's Friday Fun Day comes as a request from one of our followers who is involved with Yuri's Night, and needs some ideas from all of you.

And so we would love to know... Who are your favorite space/science speakers?

I'll start this show with Neil deGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist that has a gift for explaining science in an engaging manner, and in a way that the public can relate to. Here's one of my favorite clips of him opening a Saturn V model:

I'll be collecting ideas and videos all day, so feel free to send links via Twitter, Facebook, or post them in comments here. Can't wait to hear your recommendations!

From @Murphian, Burt Rutan:

Another great Neil deGrasse Tyson video series submitted by @Murphian. Great talk.

And @JimmiC submitted another good Neil deGrasse Tyson clip:

From Chris Radcliffe, the talented @mmealling at IgniteATL:

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