Friday Fun Day Goes Mobile

Ah, it's Friday. And not just any Friday, but a Friday before a long holiday weekend here in the U.S. w00t!

For this Friday Fun Day, I need your help for a new project that we'll be starting to work on soon, and that is.... [drumroll, please]... a space-related smart phone app.

Yes, we know the description "space-related" is pretty vague. But we want to leave it that way for now, because we'd like to create something that is useful and interesting to you! So crowdsourcing ideas for this app is definitely the first and most important step. Let us know what you think -- and please be as creative as you like.

A few of the ideas that we've had so far are:

  • Real-time Launch Countdown clocks
  • Images of the Day
  • Twitter updates from space Tweeple, grouped by space interest (lunar, NASA, commercial, etc)
  • Directions to nearest Moonpie location
So there's a start -- what else have you got for us? It can be specific to the Google Lunar X PRIZE, or on a higher level for space exploration. We'd love your feedback, so please leave us a comment below or send us a quick message on Twitter.

Happy Friday Funday! And here's a fun video (1:23) showing the Apple iPhone display currently in Palo Alto, CA.

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