Prize Roundup: Best Ideas, Google Earth Climate Change, Michigan Tech Nanosat Team, Heinlein SF Award, More

Climate change tools for Google Earth - Google Earth Blog:

... In addition, they're asking you to submit your own thoughts and questions on climate change to their channel, and some of these videos will be broadcast on screens around the conference in December. The top rated video submissions will win a trip to Copenhagen, so submit your videos and see if you can win the prize.

To the Moon, Rover! - UCF Today

Seems like yesterday... - RLV News on an important anniversary

New USST Video on YouTube - The Space Elevator Blog

Ten Best New Space Ideas - Matt Wronkiewicz's Weblog - Number 8 is X PRIZEs.

InnoCentive ~ Innovation Marketplace For Ideas - Maximizing Progress

Tech Tour Day Three: A Tour De Force At MTU - WWJ News Radio:

... I met with four members of the Michigan Tech Aerospace Enterprise team, who are designing a small Earth satellite that will help authorities track dangerous space junk. ... the Aerospace Enterprise is competing in the United States Air Force's Nanosatellite competition. The program has 11 student teams around the country design a small, affordable satellite with space-to-space imaging that will track other satellites and space debris, as well as contain a model to calibrate the ground-based telescopes that monitor space junk. ... The Aerospace Enterprise is also working on the High Altitude Autonomous Research Platform, an autonomous glider designed to take pictures up to 35,000 feet, and the Cansat Project, a university competition that sees the students design and build a rocket payload that must return to earth at a determined speed, right itself once it lands, and transmit data all the while.

Here's a link to the MTU Aerospace Enterprise team, and here's one for the University Nanosatellite Program

Space Tourism - Taking Off? - The National Space Society of Phoenix

BSFS Heinlein Award - Science Fiction Awards Watch: The winners of the 2009 BSFS Robert. A Heinlein Award are Joe Haldeman and John Varley.

Also see posts on the same topic from the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America and Locus. As Locus notes: The award is for "outstanding published works in science fiction and technical writings to inspire the human exploration of space."

@planetarytv - I uploaded a YouTube video -- PTV - Team America Rocketry Challenge 2010

An Update on Design Judging - X PRIZE Cars

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