This Pretty Much Sums it Up...

Today I am listening via Ustream to the "140 Twitter Conference" (hashtag: #140tc). I'm trying to pick up a few new tips and tricks from the gurus of the microblogging world.

One fun site that was just mentioned is TwitterSheep, which searches the bios of your followers ("the flock") and puts together a cloud of words based on that analysis. The website took a little while to analyze our twitter account for Google Lunar X PRIZE (@glxp) which now has about ~4200 followers (nice!), but here is what it came up with after a minute or two (click for a larger image):

It would be interesting to see what some of your follower word clouds look like as well -- Feel free to share them with us!

Here are some of our follower-submitted word clouds. Apparently we are a flock of space geeks, although it is fun to observe that while "Space" is certainly the common trending word, each person has a unique set of words around that to represent their specific interests ("astronomy" or "biology" or "writer" or "rocket"). See for yourself:

via @supernat:

via @jetforme:

via @pyrocyon:

via @csete:

via @jimmic:

via @mlaine:

via @ad_astra2:

via @Quarkspin:

via @derekshannon:

Here's one from a GLXP team - Thanks Team SYNERGY MOON (@synergymoon)! I like how "coffee" appears next to "Space" on your word cloud ;)

This one is via @poikiloblastic:

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