2009 Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge Approaches

Unreasonable progress - RLV News

Briefs: Unreasonable progress; NGLLC in The Economist - RLV News

@NGLLC09 - Two Moon related prizes - the @NGLLC09 and the @Regolith_Chal - get write-up in the Economist! http://bit.ly/2o9Xii

Briefs: Masten propellant tanks; BonNova on NGLLC stage - RLV News

From Seeking a Human Spaceflight Program Worthy of a Great Nation (PDF) (i.e. the Augustine Committee's final report):

All three variants [of the Committee's Flexible Path option] also include a hybrid lunar lander that is smaller than the Altair. (See Figure 6.2.2-2.) The ascent stage is developed by NASA, but the descent stage is assumed to be commercially developed, building on the growing industrial capability pursuing NASA’s Lunar Lander Challenge and the Google Lunar X-Prize.

@wikkit - This year it didn't rain before the wind picked up, so we worked in a dust storm for most of the day. Going to be a gray shower tonight.

@mastenspace - RT @rbranly: Designing educational payloads to fly aboard Masten Space Vehicles.

Preview of final week of NGLLC 2009 - RLV News shows a press release from the X PRIZE Foundation on the week of events.

Update (Sunday evening):

Armadillo flies higher - RLV News

NGLLC: BonNova bows out; Unreasonable update; Masten update - RLV News

@nasaprize - No Lunar Lander Challenge attempts on Mon or Tuesday but Masten and Unreasonable Rocket are still on for Wed-Saturday attempts

Update (Monday morning):

@wikkit - If you're interested in coming to our LLC flights this week or other tests, send me an email at ben@masten-space.com .

@mastenspace - RT @rbranly: The MSS payload capsule demonstrator project includes a multispectral imager as a flight option.Aiming 4 imager mass of 500g

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