Continuing Regolith Excavation Challenge Coverage

Here's a continuation of the Regolith Excavation Challenge coverage I started in this post:

Regolith Challenge Update: Braundo Rancho Qualified for Prize - Parabolic Arc summarizes the events of the day.

Lunar Regolith Challenge Photos - Parabolic Arc (the post above also has some nice pictures)

Video: Lunar Excavator in Action - Parabolic Arc

@pkhomer - Tech Ranch has lost their camera! Digging well by blind reconning, but missing the collector.

Rock paper digger. Paper covers rock, rock beats digger! C2 Technologies, also driving blind, runs over rock and gets stuck.

@paulsrobotics - Moonraker from our quick photoshoot the other night

@spacemansam - This is what happens when you don't design a lunar rover to handle rocks and soft soil.

NASA 2009 Regolith Excavation Challenge Kicks Off - California Space Authority press release at SpaceRef

NASA 2009 Regolith Excavation Games Continue Into Second Day - California Space Authority press release at SpaceRef

Regolith Excavation Challenge 2009 has a number of updates from the competition and shortly before it started:

2009 Regolith Excavation Challenge Presenters (PDF)

@glxp - now that's dust! #regolith2009 (via @spacemansam)

The Moonraker officially qualified! Nice job, @paulsrobotics #regolith2009

@nasaprize - Paul's Robotics run was a qualifying one with the highest mass so far

@spacemansam: Prepping a regolith garden requires the skills of a Zen Master. #regolith2009

Moonraker filled up the bin! The scale overloaded! OMG! #regolith2009

Update (Sunday evening):

@pkhomer - Team Terra delivers 270.6 kilos to take 2nd place.

@spacemansam: Team Terra works TOO well. Overloads its own bucket. #regolith2009

@spacemansam: Updated photos from 8am to 1pm today #regolith2009

Regolith Excavation Challenge update - RLV News - As this post notes, Parabolic Arc has numerous posts on the event. The one I linked has the latest update showing that with 1 team left there are already teams qualified to take first, second, and third places.

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