Friday Fun Day #FFD - Haiku

Once upon a time, there was a great Friday Fun Day on Space Haiku. Today, we relive those great moments of days past -- but this time, let's hear some haikus about your favorite GLXP, NGLLC, or Ansari X PRIZE team! For example:

Welcome BonNovA
Light up that rocket engine
Fly that Lauryad, fly!

I know, can you believe I just came up with that? ;) See, it's easy! Now it's your turn, and bonus points if you @-reply on Twitter and keep it under 140 characters (Will has coined a phrase for this: "#Twaiku").

Courtesy of @cariann from the last Haiku poetry slam:

the coolest contest evah
because I said so!

Some Haikus we've received so far:

From @VAXHeadroom
Armadillo flies
John pounds keys furiously
Concrete Pad melted

Go for the million!
A nail-biting three minutes
and then back again

a thousand miles?
just fifty meters today
mach diamonds alight

(after @glxp comment that he is a master of Haiku)

A haiku master?
an honor, but not really
i code flight software

From @chris_radcliff:
X once marked the spot
waves of fire splash across sand
wiped clean by Xombie

going to Luna
like leaves carried on the wind
FREDNET makes a tree

From @TezMcKittrick:
This hopeful moon quest
it's the worst party ever
atmosphere lacking

From @NextGiantLeap:
Shadowed in darkness
Fire illuminates craft
Cold new river flows

Dreams of youth faded
Apollo calls to me now
Too late to die young

From @Pomerantz:
Armadillo! Bonnova!
Masten! Truezer0!

So many cool teams
How could I play favorites?
Rocketeers galore!

From @wikkit:
Xombie hover test
New rocket chamber progress
Fall day in Mojave

Checkout flight test first
ground takeoff-landing second
third makes nine three secs

From @GLXP:
For Team Masten Space
Wishing you smooth landings and
A happy engine!

Going to the Moon
And growing a little tree
What an Odyssey!

Post Haikus below or reply on Twitter, and I'll compile them here. Happy Friday Fun Day!

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