Friday Fun Day #FFD - Space Exploration: There's an App for That.

Happy Friday!

I had a funny space photo caption post for you guys this week, but I have to admit that I've been quite distracted by the new NASA iPhone/iTouch app this morning. Info about the new app on the NASA website is here, and the download link is here.

I've only played with the app for about 10 minutes or so, but I can tell you that the folks at NASA have done a pretty good job. I know that not everyone has an iPhone or iTouch, so I've included a few screenshots here...

The home screen is the current missions:

I clicked Constellation. A program overview appears, and a countdown clock to the Ares I-X launch is at the bottom. That's pretty cool.

The top nav bar takes you to mission Twitter feeds, imagery, and video. I like the image collage for each mission:

Back on the homescreen of the app, you can also view the NASA Image of the Day and Astronomy Image of the Day, NASA YouTube videos, or NASA Twitter feeds.

One final feature that is really nice -- the ability to share mission info that you find on the app via email. Just click the email button in the upper right, and an email with info about the mission appears, ready to send. Oh yes, spamming your friends and family with space info just got that much easier ;)

Regarding future development on other platforms, NASA Ames tweeted this morning: "NASA is committed to developing additional apps for a range of mobile devices to better disseminate NASA’s knowledge, activities and results".

As for the funny space captions for Friday Fun Day... I couldn't resist and posted a few photos over at Facebook. Head on over there and add ur capshunz to the mix! Here's one of the images (there are two more on Facebook):

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

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