Masten Has One More Window, Unreasonable Rocket to Fly Friday Afternoon

Through a unanimous decision of the Official Judges of the 2009 Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander X PRIZE Challenge competition, Masten Space Systems will be able to make another launch attempt tomorrow morning using their remaining Time Period. Unreasonable Rocket will then be on deck to make their first flight attempt in the afternoon.

This scheduling adjustment has been made by the Official Judges in keeping with the letter and spirit of the rules and in the interests of the fairness of the competition.

Masten will begin their final attempt on Friday, October 30, 2009 at approximately 9am PT/16:00 UTC. Webcast will be up and running again at Ustream:

In the afternoon, a new team will be attempting Level I of the challenge: Unreasonable Rocket. They are scheduled to start their window at 1pm PT/20:00 UTC. We will try to webcast that attempt as well.

We wish Masten luck for their attempt tomorrow, and look forward to seeing the Unreasonable Rocket Blue Ball vehicle in action!

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