NGLLXPC 2009: Masten Webcast

Friday, October 30, 2009: Masten Space Systems is making their final attempt at the $1 Million NGLLXPC Level II prize this morning. They've made the necessary repairs to the propellant tanks, lines, and sensor cables overnight. They expect to start the clock at about 9am PT/16:00 UTC. We wish them the best and are streaming the event live on!

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Streaming live video by Ustream

Thursday, October 29, 2009: Masten Space Systems has identified and resolved the technical issue that arose during yesterday's attempt. Testing revealed a faulty electronics board which was constantly driving an actuator; this, in turn, was draining the battery. The drained battery was consequently affecting the communications system, the issue first observed in the field during yesterday's attempt. The faulty board has been replaced, and Masten is optimistic for a successful attempt today.

Masten currently expects to start the clock at about 9am PST/16:00 UTC. We plan to set up an internet link in the field again today and provide a webcast of the event. Catch it at (also has chat available with GLXP and a Masten Space representative), or stream it below.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009: Masten's attempt today was no-go, but they will be trying again tomorrow. The schedule will be similar to today's: 6:30am Pacific start time, 9:00am start to the webcast and the competition window, and a first flight somewhere around 9:50am. The webcast will be rolling again, so please be sure to tune in to!

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