Prize Roundup: 2009 Lunar Lander Challenge and Space Elevator Games Even Closer, GLXP Variety, X PRIZE Meeting, Regolith Reviews, New Mexico News

Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge

@nasaprize - on the way to california for the final lunar lander attempts of 2009

@dmasten - We have been testing so much our Pad A looks worse than the lunar pad.

I think we are ready for #ngllc level 2. All tests are done. Last was a nice stable hover of 195sec in 30+ knot winds.

@mojaverocketguy - In at the shop, bright and surly. At least not 4:50am like last Tuesday.

Bad news: Missed seeing the flight because I someone had to stay for the UPS delivery. Good news: Xoie's fine and I heard it from the shop.

Doing concrete work in 50mph wind gusts--not fun. Good thing I got myself a college edjumacation so I wouldn't have to do jobs like that...

@ngllc09 - #NGLLC news update on The Launch Pad:

NGLLC 2009: And Here They Come Down the Final Stretch! New post on The Launch Pad: #ngllc

Tune in tmrw for webcast of Masten Lvl 2 #NGLLC attempt starting at 9am PST/16:00 UTC:

Unreasonable update - RLV News

BonNova recap - RLV News

Briefs: Speed Up hybrid test; Source of rocket grade H2O2 - RLV News

I'm posting these Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge updates on Wednesday morning:
Unreasonable ups and downs - RLV News

Masten Space Level II attempt - Oct..28.09 - viewing info - RLV News - Using the #ngllc twitter search on this page, you can already see a lot of tweets on the event as people get ready to go, like these:

alias_amanda: Only for a rocket launch could I be up at 4am and be somewhat happy about it #ngllc

ikluft: I'll be tweeting from Mojave today for the @mastenspace flight in Level 2 of the Lunar Lander Challenge #ngllc

Pomerantz: Made it to Mojave (& gave #NGLLC team SpeedUp's Bob Steinke a ride on the way up). Excited for tmrw's @mastenspace flights! Godspeed, Xoie

Space Elevator Games: Power Beaming/Tether Climber

@lasermotive - The designing, building and testing is finally done. Today the packing begins. We are ready.

@segames - Very good - just organized a commentary team for the live cast. (Live video has a lot of boring moments, and while we have some B-roll+ ... material, there's nothing like play-by-play descriptions.)

NASA Centennial Power Beaming Challenge to Feature Three Teams - The Space Elevator Reference

Games updates - The Space Elevator Blog

Briefs: Power Beaming Challenge; Regolith scraper - RLV News

Regolith Excavation Challenge

@doug_comstock - Check out cool Gigapan images (a nasa spinoff from the Regolith Excavation Challenge:

@paulsrobotics - WPI Reception for the team is currently scheduled for Wednesday at 2PM in HL005 (we think). Feel free to stop by...

Also see the RLV News link in the previous section for another Regolith Excavation Challenge article.

Google Lunar X PRIZE

@team_selenokhod - The first Selenokhod mockup rollout:

The first Russian private-built-rover at Mission Control Center: That was amazing!

@nextgiantleap - Nice day for a drive to Louisville, CO, but looks like snow for the way home. ... Looking forward to meetings at SNC tomorrow!

@omegaenvoy - With our rover naming contest coming to an end, will you be the one to break the tie? #GLXP

Notice the new name (with an underscore) on the twitter address for this next one:

@Odyssey_Moon - Odyssey Moon Chief Scientist Dr. Paul Spudis on lunar lava tubes:

@arcaspace - Octomber 23, 2009 - CONSTANTA The first launch attempt of Helen vehicle will take place starting with October 29...

Other Prizes

Economy, rule change ground X Prize plans - Las Cruces Sun: Landeene said the X Prize Cup does spur interest in aerospace among students.

"Ultimately, what I'd like to do is have X Prize-like events at the spaceport and surrounding community," he said.

Spaceport Visitor Center Approved - - KRWG TV: The Board of Directors of the New Mexico Spaceport Authority (NMSA) has voted to establish a welcome center for Spaceport America in downtown Truth or Consequences... A welcome center is also planned for the village of Hatch which is on the southern approach to Spaceport America.

@fineri (N-Prize team) - - Plumbing all done, cone needs finishing, electronics and engine need integrating.

@peterdiamandis - Great X Prize Trustees dinner at Elon Musk's home... great crowd, Sergey Brin, Ansari Family, Beyster's, Mike Boustridge, Jim Gianopulos... great to also host Esther Dyson, Peter Bloom, Rob McEwen, Erik Lindbergh and Peter Ferrel

i am searching for a strong Director/Chief of Staff to work with me as CEO of X Prize, MBA desired. LA base @ XPF HQ

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