Twitter Marathon: October 1-2, 2009

Today it's all about a quick compilation of a stack of tweets with no comments from me (other than this introduction). If you don't know who the tweeter is, just follow the opening link.

@bonnova - RT @NGLLC09: Officially announcing a 4th competitor for #NGLLC. Welcome @BonNovA! Details:

@unrocket - First silver tether flight was stable, climbed too high and was aborted. Will try again late today or early fri.

Pressure sensor intermitant short. Killed a/d inputs hard to find and fix in desert going home back fri nighr

@NGLLC09 - RT @wikkit: We ran another full load through the test stand today, in 5 engine runs. Looking really good on a fix for #ngllc problem.

@tedprize - RT @TEDchris - TED Prize winner Sylvia Earle's spectacular new book, The World Is Blue:

@fineri - Working out an engine start sequence, watching video's of various components moving to sort out the timing......

@ARCAspace - ARCA team visited the Constanta, Venus and Fulgerul ships prior to equipments arrival on board. These ships will... [... be used for the launch of Mission 3. ]

@grncheese - See our lunar regolith excavator in action:

@paulsrobotics - Workin' hard 24/7 on the @W_P_I entry for the @Regolith_Chal. Students, prof, and alum working together towards $500K prize. our test sandbox electronics dust cover rear bump switch

@Regolith_Chal - Had an important milestone meeting today and it was a great success. Thanks to teams, judges, and other contributors to this.

@jmcenanly I heard that Charles Bolden mentioned @regolith_chal in a speach recently. Help us carry the message that prizes are helping.

@glxp - Our newest team is on Twitter: @openmoon

#xprize tweetups now happening on Monday in Houston, Albuquerque, San Francisco, and LA. This calls for a hashtag: #XPTweetup

Just got off a telecon with @mmealling and others to discuss media for #NGLLC next week - Masten plans to fly again in one week.

@Pomerantz - RT @glxp: Announcing 2 events next week to celebrate 5th anniversary of winning Ansari X PRIZE:

@NASAPrize - Lots of ideas for new prize challenges posted at

@ConradAwards - Upcoming webinar 10/06/07- Josh Neubert The Innovation Classroom. Questions encouraged! @ "The exchange" 3:00 PM PT

@Virgin_Galactic - We are working on the format of the SpaceShipTwo unveiling event in December.

@ISPCS - new confirmed: Anousheh Ansari, Space Ambassador CEO, Chairman & Co-founder Prodea Systems, Inc.

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