Friday Fun Day #FFD: There's an App for That

Happy Friday Fun Day everyone!

After the STS-129 Shuttle launch last week, one of our fans on Twitter asked if we knew of any good Blackberry apps for watching NASA TV. It occurs to me that there are quite a few apps out there dedicated to space, but I haven't yet seen a good collection of mobile apps that are available for the different platforms. Knowing the tech-savvy GLXP fan base, I thought that it would be cool to compile all of the mobile space apps that we know of, then I'll create a good summary post with links to all of those apps so that everyone can easily find/download them.

I mean, how cool would it be to have a screen on my phone just dedicated to space apps? Cool in a completely geeky way, of course, but cool nonetheless.

So, what space mobile apps do you use? Post the name of the app and mobile platform that you use, and let's start creating a universal list!

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