Keeping Up With Lunar Landers

This is the video that was shown at the NGLLC awards ceremony in Washington DC last week. It gives a nice recap of this year's competitors:

The Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge has ended, but if the past two months (and several years!) have been any indication, then we've just seen the beginning of this exciting new industry. Many of the teams have already instructed us to watch as they start flying higher and faster in the months ahead. Armadillo is already carrying out this promise, achieving a 2959 ft (902 m) boosted hop just last week on November 3. To date, this is the 6th highest flight ever completed by a VTVL vehicle:

Inspired by a previous post by Ray of Space Prizes, I have compiled a list of current websites, blogs, Twitter accounts, and YouTube channels from these teams so that you can keep up with their rocket endeavors, no matter how high or fast they may get going!


Armadillo Aerospace website and forum
Masten Space Systems website, blog, and YouTube channel
TrueZer0 blog
Unreasonable Rocket blog
BonNovA website and YouTube channel


The @NGLLC09 Twitter list of teams and team members: Follow this list

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