Late in the Astronaut Glove Challenge Day - Winners!

Here's a twitter list for the Astronaut Glove Challenge:

Alternately, you could just go to twitter and search for some variant on the challenge name.

As I'm finishing up this post, I see Doug Comstock posted the following a couple minutes ago!

@Doug_Comstock: Peter Homer wins $250k 1st prize and Ted Southern wins $100k 2nd prize in Astro Glove Challenge. Congrats to both for a great competition!

@NASAPrize: testing all done judges will meet to determine scores

Peter Homer's glove passed burst test reaching 20 psi with no leak

Ted's passed reaching 17 psi

You can see some pictures from some of the other tweets.

Astronaut Glove Challenge underway - RLV News

Designing Astronaut Gloves - MIT Technology Review

NASA challenges inventors to improve space gloves - Florida Today

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