LCROSS Results, Patch Contests, 2009 Astronaut Glove Challenge, SEDS Conference, Recent Elevator Games

Space Fellowship hosts alternative Google Lunar X PRIZE Forum - Space Fellowship

Most Valuable Real Estate in the Solar System: Water on Lunar South Pole - Peter Diamandis at The Launch Pad:

I’m particularly excited for all of the teams building vehicles for the Google Lunar X PRIZE. ... Think of these vehicles as a low-cost ‘prospectors’ looking for information and valuable data, as well as the companies constructing the shovels and picks on the bleeding edge of this potential boom.

LCROSS Changes the Game, Discovers Significant Amounts of Water on the Moon - The Launch Pad

NASA offers $400,000 for super space glove - Network World - I haven't heard any news about competitors this year, but this may be a hint:

NASA said the competition will test gloves from at least two contestants that will measure the gloves' dexterity and strength during operation in a glove box that simulates the vacuum of space.

NASTAR Suborbital Scientist Training Program Patch Contest - NASA Watch

Last patch for the last Shuttle flight - Space for All

SEDS SpaceVision 2009 at Univ. of Arizona - RLV News - The conference includes a number of speakers with prize connections, such as Ben Brockert (Masten Space Systems), Bob Richards (Odyssey Moon), Ken Davidian (former NASA Centennial Challenges manager), Peter Diamandis, and Richard Garriott (who used a competition as part of his space flight).

Going from lunar landing to suborbital flight - RLV News - Unreasonable Rocket considers what's needed for the next big step.

The three caballeros… - The Space Elevator Blog

LaserMotive’s first prize-winning run - The Space Elevator Blog - It includes the key video.

Press Release and Tech Discussion of Competition Results - LaserMotive:

“Now that we have dramatically demonstrated the capabilities of laser power beaming, we will be going on to new projects,” said Dr. Jordin Kare, chief engineer for the project. “We look forward to working with NASA and DOD, as well as with our industrial partners, to develop laser power beaming systems for aerospace and military applications. We also hope to develop commercial products based on our technologies. We will be evaluating several possible markets over the next few months.”

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