N-Prize Twitter List, Science Art, Power Beaming Next Year, Glove Wins Reviewed, More


Yes, I made another one: N-Prize twitter list. One of the tweets there points out that there are a lot of recent updates on the Team Prometheus blog, such as:

Frednet Lander Progress!
More Liquid Fuel Engine Progress!
More Launcher Progress!
Tiny Satellite Prototype!

Actually you might want to check out the entire November archive. You will see in some of the posts that Team Prometheus is collaborating with Google Lunar X PRIZE Team FREDNET.

Astronaut Glove Challenge

High-Tech Space Gloves Win NASA's Astronaut Glove Challenge - Popular Science

$350,000 given in glove design - Florida Today - I have to admit that I prefer Florida Today's prize total addition to Popular Science's.

Astronaut Glove Challenge Winners Announced - Universe Today

NASA Awards $350,000 to Winning Astronaut Glove Designers - On Orbit

Space Elevator Games - Power Beaming/Climber

Jordin Kare and LaserMotive - RLV News

Fox News coverage of the Space Elevator Games - Space Elevator Blog

Next Power Beaming Challenge competition set for May - RLV News

Post-competition analysis from LaserMotive - Space Elevator Blog

Other Prizes

Big pictures of tiny wonders - Cosmic Log covers the Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition. It also gives a list of other similar competitions combining science and art that will keep you clicking for quite a while.

2010 University Rover Challenge - Space for All

The Suborbital Refueling Dance - Transterrestrial Musings suggests a couple more rocketry prizes.

Spaceship design contest entries - Space for All

CSA Announces 2009 SpotBeam Award Recipients (PDF) - California Space Authority

Young Entrepreneurs Visit White House - OSTP Blog discusses the winners of the National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge.

Mathematics and Materials Science Research Take Top Prize at Nation's Premier High School Science Competition - PR Newswire

LEAG 2009 Debrief - Out of the Cradle - In addition to covering the 2009 Lunar Exploration Analysis Group conference, which may be of interest to Google Lunar X PRIZE teams, this includes information on several student contests:

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