Space Elevator Games Setup - Part 2

In addition to the canned twitter search I mentioned earlier today, hashtags are also useful. However, not everyone uses them - they may not know about them or remember them at the right time. In the case of the Space Elevator Games, it looks like the following 2 hashtags are being used by some (but not all) accounts participating in, or following, the Games:


Some twitter accounts using these:

EENugent (related to Tom? I don't know)
MKKare (related to Jordan? I don't know)
b0yle (Alan Boyle, science editor)
spaceelevator (Space Elevator Reference)

As a result, I made another Space Elevator Games twitter search with these tags:

Space Elevator Games Accounts and Tags

This search is also at the top right of the Space Prizes blog. At the moment the search gives 5 or 6 pages of tweets from the last 24 hours, and the main event hasn't started yet. Here's one that gives background on the games and some ways to follow them:

b0yle: Another $2 million NASA-backed contest ramping up, this one for laser-powered, cable-climbing robots: (expand) ... #segames

The Space Elevator Blog had some posts today, too, in spite of what I'm sure is a lot of other work to get ready for the Games. In addition to the status of the setup, there's a lot of information in these posts on how to follow the games:

Status - doing a dry run…
Dry run; so far, so good
No more video today
Re-installing rotor blades on a helicopter

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