World Tales of the Moon

There are some really great online resources out there about the Moon, but one of my recent favorites is MyMoonLPI. If we had a GLXP web award for the most hip and artistic lunar website of 2009, this site would definitely win it. I mean, their blog even has duct tape on it, how cool is that?

I bring up MyMoonLPI for a few reasons that may be of interest to the GLXP community:

  1. Mark Sykes, Director and CEO of the Planetary Science Institute, will be leading a live video discussion of the future of the U.S. Space Program on Wednesday, December 2, at 8PM EST/ 1AM UTC. You can click here for more info or to join the chat.

  2. MM just started a fun site dedicated to collecting and archiving stories about La Lune. From the MyMoonLPI website:

    There are hundreds of stories about the Moon and its appearance; some are sacred myths, and others are folktales old and new shared for the simple joy of the tale. We've started what will become a growing stash of myths and stories from around the world...

    Do you know a story about the Moon? Or just want to listen in to the existing tales in the archive? You can add to the archive or download files here.

  3. It's a fun website, and a little different every time you visit. So, go play :)

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