Prize Roundup: Red Balloons, Patches, Elevator Conference, Google Earth Town Models, Mars Pathfinder Innovation, More

Eurospaceward Space Elevator / Lunar Industrialization Conference

@SEGames I'm here at the 2009 EuroSpaceward conference. Among other topics, we'll get an update on the US and Japanese Space Elevator Games.

@SEGames Jordin Kare (from LaserMotive) and Martin Lades (from KC Space Pirates) are here and will also speak.

@SEGames I'm live-blogging the conference at

There's a lot more from SEGames twitter - the tweet from a couple minutes ago says Jordin Kare is speaking now. I don't have a hash tag for the conference, but SEGames, Eurospaceward, Ben Shelef, and some of the teams are at my Space Elevator Games Twitter List.

EuroSpaceward Conference - and the future of Space Elevator Development - The Space Elevator Blog

In Luxembourg… - The Space Elevator Blog:

... I’ve been chosen to judge a coloring contest - “How do you Imagine Life on the Moon?” - an event held as part of the EuroSpaceward conference. ...

Conference - Day 1 - and we’re underway - The Space Elevator Blog

As with the SEGames twitter, I've just selected a few of many posts. Check out The Space Elevator Blog for more.

Update: I should mention that the third part of the program (PDF) includes 4 Google Lunar X PRIZE teams!

DARPA Network Challenge (Red Balloons)

@ikluft about 2000 people registered for #DARPA #NetworkChallenge - don't forget to have fun!

@ikluft I made a Twitter list of #DARPA #NetworkChallenge participants that I know of (41 so far)

Update on DARPA Network Challenge: @ikluft Congratulations to MIT Red Balloon Challenge Team for winning. We had 5 right 2 wrong #DARPA #NetworkChallenge

@ikluft updated Stratofox's #NetworkChallenge page: added "How we did" section, credits #DARPA


@TeamPrometheus 2 Tiny Satellites just arrived at the Rocket Ranch! Photo's tomorrow!

More Prizes and Competitions

Model Your Town - Google Earth Blog:

Google has just announced their first-ever "Model Your Town" Competition.

The goal is to get smaller cities to work on building their town in 3D. While every town will likely see their models in Google Earth, the winning town will win $10,000 for its schools, a Google-sponsored party, a video profile of the winning team and some other goodies. ...

See the Google Earth Blog link for a video with some examples of town models in Google Earth.

SGAC together with the UN-SPIDER have designated a winner of the “Disaster Management in the Caribbean” poster competition - Space Generation Advisory Council

NASA Student Launch - Space for All

NASA Moon Work Design Contest - Space for All

@collectSPACE Picking a patch for the program: NASA's employee contest to design a patch for the end of the space shuttle program...

Mission to Mars and Red Planet make John Scalzi’s list of worst SF films of decade - Marooned: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror books on Mars - From the Scalzi piece:

The year 2000 saw two competing Mars flicks, which struggled fiercely for the title of Most Likely to Set Back Manned Exploration of Mars by 50 Years. ...

Sci-Fri: NASA and Microsoft launch Martian website, use crowdsourcing to map Red Planet - Marooned: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror books on Mars - The Be a Martian! site includes the 2009 Pathfinder Innovation Challenge. Here are the contest rules (PDF). I couldn't figure out specifically what the various categories of contestants were meant to do from the rules, but the Participation Guide (PDF) explains it. Here's the summary:

... The Inspiration League invites Entrants 14 years and older to develop an episode for "The Martians" video series. Join the Scholarship League if you're over 14 and would like to build a compelling and exciting interactive web application for students and the rest of the world to learn about rocks on Earth and Mars. Entrants over age 18 in the Global Cooperation League will develop fun web games that crowd-source the task of finding and labeling interesting objects in an enormous set of images acquired by the Mars rovers. The Intelligence League challenges Entrants over age 18 to accomplish the same task with autonomous applications that can rapidly detect and label these interesting objects.

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