Friday Fun Day #FFD: GLXP Rides the Wave

Happy Friday everyone!

Today we are jumping on to Google Wave, and would love for you to join us. We've started a public wave, which you can view here, and you can add us as a contact as well: just plug "" into your contacts.

Everyone is pretty new to Wave right now, so this is really just a fun project to learn more about Wave and share some resources for Google Lunar X PRIZE. Feedback is welcome, of course. We have some images, videos, polls, and collaborative projects posted right now, so head on over and check it out.


#1: We have some invites. Ping us on Twitter or in the comments below.
#2: Part of the Wave is a collaborative art Google Doc, so you don't have to be on Wave to join us for #FFD! You can add your spacey artwork to the spreadsheet with the Wavers, which is pretty awesome. Visit our spreadsheet to add your pixely artwork to the mix!

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