Friday Fun Day #FFD: Top Space Events of 2009

Happy Friday everyone!

The space team at X PRIZE came to the realization this week that the end of 2009 approaching at light speed! At lunch the other day, as our team ruminated on some of the major space happenings in oh-nine, we realized that it was a pretty cool year for space. It was full of exciting events and big changes. So we decided to pick up a video camera and record a quick recap of our favorite space moments of 2009.

The finishing touches are being put on this video right now, and I'll have it posted this afternoon. But for now, we at GLXP would like to know, what were your favorite space moments of 2009? List them here, or @-reply GLXP on Twitter, or post them on Facebook or even add photos/videos on our public Google Wave. Link to photos and articles if you'd like. I'll compile everything in this post.


From @LucieD_inthesky:

The STS-125 Hubble Space Telescope Mission! (And I'd like to add the "first tweet from space" by Mike Massimino)

From @priesett (kudos for posting on Wave, as well!):

From @Quarkspin:

From @amoroso:

My favorite space event of 2009: Saturn equinox season w/ many great & unusual pics from Cassini:

From Neda:

The Virgin Galactic unveiling of SpaceShipTwo:


Our quick 2009 summary video will be posted soon! Thanks everyone for participating!

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