#FFD: The GLXP Gift Guide for Geeks

Hello, GLXP Friday fans!

Well, I'm not sure how it happened, but here we are already at the first Friday of December. With the holidays just a few weeks away, we thought it would be fun to compile some gift ideas for space geeks. There are some other sites doing this as well ("Pick your Geek Gift" at msnbc is a good one), but we wanted to add a few more ideas to the mix.

So, what would all of you good space cadets/cadettes like for Christmas this year?

We've kick-started a gift list below, but we need more great ideas from you! Books, toys, collectibles, or anything else that a space geek might desire (bonus points if it's lunar-related!). Send us links to other great gifts that you know of, and we'll add them to this post.

Here's the list so far:

1. *Free* Hubble Holiday Cards

Give the gift of Galactic joy with these free Christmas Hubble cards. They are pre-designed and sized, so all you need to do it print and send. Lots of starry designs to choose from -- here are a couple of my favorites:

2. The "Office Space" Shirt

Complete with red stapler.

3. Geeky wrapping paper

You'll need something to wrap up your geeky gifts. ThinkGeek has the solution! The Christmasbots paper is fantastic.

4. Space Monkey Benders

What's more fun than a barrel of monkeys? A rocket full of them, obviously.

5. Shuttle Ornament

Made of sugar and spice, and space blanket material?

6. A retro rocket cookie cutter

I love this one. And it's only about $7 with shipping.

7. The "Moonpie" cookie cutter

This cookie cutter looks mysteriously similar to the Moonpie logo. I'm just sayin...

8. Galilea Moon-Phase Clock

Provides date, time, & Moon phase.

The Robot B9

This one is also listed over at MSNBC's Cosmic Log Geek Gift List as well. The "Lost in Space" robot replicas are being produced by one of our teams: Next Giant Leap. This gift carries a hefty price tag of $24,500, but profits will go toward the team's efforts to win the GLXP.

10. The Fourth Law of Robotics t-shirt

It's only appropriate that this gift follows gift #9. From @Quarkspin, we get another amazing Think Geek gift idea.

The shirt reads: "4) A geek may not injure a robot or, through inaction, allow a robot to come to harm."

11. Incredibly Awesome Space Traveler Poster

@Chris_Radcliff pointed us to this space poster, which looks really slick. Simple, clean, and let's you know if you're cut out for this space travel thing.

12. Certified Space Traveler shirt

It is the t-shirt form of #11, also recommended by @Chris_Radcliff. The cool thing about the company that makes these is that they donate all proceeds to a "non-profit writing center for young people" called 826 Seattle.

13. Moon Pendant

This lovely lunar light is courtesy of @Amoroso. Designed by Buzz Aldrin!

14. TANG!

@rsisk101 reminds us of the basics of space -- Tang. Every true space geek would love this gift. Right? Right?

15. The Space Pen

Another staple for space geeks, you're thinking. But check out this 40th Apollo Anniversary edition: this is like the Saturn V of Space Pens. Thanks for finding this, @cariann!

16. Moon Globe

If you want to give someone the Moon, @cariann points us to a good place to find Moon globes.

17. Space Food Sticks

I don't know about this one, @QuarkSpin. But I will admit that it is a classic. I also like the "Splashdown Flavor Mix" on the same site.

17. Lunar Boot Stepping Stone

@Quarkspin finds us a clever Moon gift for the garden.

18. Moon in my Room

@TaviGreiner found a fun Moon gift for kids: a remote control, illuminated model Moon. It has the 12 phases, auto-illumination when dark, and just sounds plain cool.

19. Piece of Historic Launch Pad 36

From the cool collectibles category, @RobertPearlman points out pieces of the pad that launched the Surveyor, Pioneer, and Mariner spacecrafts.

20. *Free* Space Station Calendar for 2010

@csete found a free 2010 International Space Station calendar from NASA. Just download, print, and post!

21. The Right Stuff

Think money can't buy "The Right Stuff"? @drewbenn has evidence to the contrary!

22. WiFi Detector Shirt

@txflygirl found this awesome shirt which is like the gift that keeps on giving to fellow geeks. The shirt lights up and shows the current wifi signal around the wearer.

23. Motherboard Christmas Ornaments

@txflygirl has the best computer geek suggestions!


Thanks everyone who participated today, this is a great list!

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